How to Transfer WordPress website from one Server to another Server

By using Duplicate Plugin you can easily migrate WordPress website from one server to another. It is the most extremely backup and migration plugin.

Step 1:
Download and Install the plugin

Login to your WordPress dashboard, go to plugin and click Add new and then download “duplicator” and then activate it.

Step 2:
Create package

Once your Plugin is activated, you will see a new navigation option “Duplicator” in your main WordPress dashboard. Click it and you will be redirected to a main set up page. By Clicking “Create New” button create a package.

First, the plugin will scan the server, files, and database to sense any possible issues.

Click “build button” and depends on your website size it will take few minutes.

Now, your whole site will be backed up as s single file. After that, you will get download buttons and you have to download for an installer (.php file) and for the archive you just created (a zip file).

Step 3:
Migrating the website to the new server

Now you have to connect to the new server which you want to choose to connect. Login to the FTP and upload the “installer.php” and “archive” zip file. Make sure both files are in the same directory.

Add database details and check the square button “I have read all warnings & notices” check-box. Click “Run Deployment“.

Now select the Advanced Options and enable the “Enable Full Search” check-box. At last click “Run Update” button.

That’s it, now you have successfully migrated your WordPress website from one server to another server.


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