How to Transfer Joomla website from one server to another

In this blog tutorial, we are going to learn how to transfer Joomla website from one server to another. There are 5 steps involving in migrating Joomla website from one server to another, we will learn it one by one now.

Step 1:
Set up new server

First, download the latest version of Joomla from official Joomla website, transfer the unzipped Joomla files to your server. Place the files in the root directory of your server, if you are installing Joomla in a sub-directory or sub-domain then you can install wherever you want. Create a database by accessing your control panel and assign a new user.

Step 2:
Install Joomla

Now you have to install the Joomla that you have downloaded before. For installing Joomla, chose a language and click next and then check the configuration and click next.
Follow the image one by one as shown below :

Now, you can see the below window, you have to fill in your database details, hostname, username and password in the Database Configuration.

Once you enter your username and password details and click next, you will see another window of FTP Configuration

Click next in your FTP configuration, Main Configuration page will appear, now you can enter your site name and the admin info and then click next.

Using FTP, delete the Installation directory from the server.

Step 3:
Delete the original MySQL Joomla Database

Log in to phpMyAdmin, on the left side of the screen you can see a database or list of databases. Click the database that contains your Joomla content. This will bring up a list of all of the tables in the database.

Now click the Export button in the window you see and also unclick the save files and click go button.

Now you will be redirected to another page, keep this open for a while.

Step 4:
Import the old database to the new database

Login to PHPMyAdmin, Open the Joomla database and find the database name and click it.

Now you will be redirected to another page, you have to click SQL.

Now you have to copy and paste all the database and click GO

Step 5:
Completing the Move

Now you should OVERWRITE all of the crucial Joomla folders on the new server with the files from the old server.

Now you have successfully transferred your Joomla website to another server.

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