How to Transfer Magento website from one Hosting account to another

We are going to learn the complete tutorial on how to transfer Magento website from one hosting account to another.

Step 1:
Backup the Database

This is the very first and important step in transfer Magento that you have to back up your database files. Once you back up the database files you can login or register with your new hosting provider.
Now navigate to PhpMyAdmin, choose your Magento database, select the export tab and file format and then click Go.

If you don’t have ‘phpmyadmin’, you have to type the same format manually. Get the shell access and follow the process of stating your hostname, username, database name and make sure you choose a file name for the backup.

Step 2:
Transfer the Magento files

If you have FTP access, then you can transfer the files to other locations by copying. If not, use the Magento features, go to Magento admin > system > tools > backups and then click system backup.

Step 3: 
Moving your site to new hosting

Once you are done copying the files, now you can move your site to new hosting. Grab your ‘file system’ and keep it in place. You will have to repeat the same process just reverse the backup process by following the previous steps. Now move the file in the document root, ‘/var/www/vhosts/sitename/httpdocs’.

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