How to Transfer your Joomla website to new Web Host

Changing web hosting provider for your Joomla website is not that difficult task to do, you may find it little bit tough when you do it for the first time. Here we are going to learn an easy way to transfer your Joomla website to a new web hosting provider.

Step 1
Choose a Joomla optimized web hosting plan

In order to change your hosting, you need to find a new hosting provider for your Joomla website, you should choose a web server which built especially for Joomla websites which has different configuration that other general servers (i.e) Well Joomla optimized web hosting plan.

Step 2
Backup your Joomla website

If your current host is cpanel, to back up your website you have to login to the control panel. Locate the File Manager and select the folder where your website’s files are located. Compress the files into a .zip file and when done, save it to your computer.




In Control Panel, select phpMyAdmin icon, and find the database that your site used. If you can’t find your database, you can simply find out from the site’s configuration.php file, just search the line: public $db = ‘yourdatabse’; Select the database, export all tables and save in your computer.





Step 3
Transfer the files and database

After backing up, you have to upload the files to the root folder or your account. When you add the domain name to the new hosting account, a new folder will be created (public_html/, and this will be the folder where you have to upload the files as well.



Use FTP client or File manager content to

upload the .zip folder that containes the files of ypour website. Once the upload is done, extract the archive, using the File Manager If the files are extracted to a subfolder then move all the files to the main folder.

Once you done with the files, go to the control panel’s main page and create a MySQL new database. Note down the username and password that you will need it later. Enable all privileges option while adding the MySQL user to the database.

Now you have your database and assigned user. Go to the phpMyAdmin, choose the created database and import the .sql file that you have saved to your computer earlier.

Edit the configuration.php file and change the database, user and password.

Now you can able to view the replica of your website on the demo url, that was provided by your hosting provider on the signup.


Step 4
Change the name servers of your domain

Now it is time to change the name servers of your domain name, you can login to your account and update the server name and finally check your Joomla website is working fine in the new webhost.


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