How to Install WordPress Theme

Theme is a layout which provides all the front-end designing on your website. There are thousands of free and premium website themes available on the internet. You can always buy and install this WordPress theme on your own.

In this article, we will provide you with complete step by step guidelines on how to install a WordPress theme on any WordPress website.

Step 1:
Go to your WordPress Dashboard

The dashboard is where you can add, delete, modify and edit the page of the website, this is the main page of your WordPress website

Step 2:
Go to Appearance Tab

In your dashboard, there is an appearance option in the sidebar. Go to appearance tab, under the appearance tab in your sidebar choose themes.

Step 3:
Click the “Add New Theme”

When you click “Themes” in appearance sidebar, a new layout will popup. There you select the “Add new Theme” as appear in the below image.
You can find more themes, free and premium as well. You can search the appropriate theme for your respective website or browse through the featured and popular option.

Step 4:
Hit Preview on a theme you like

When you click the themes you will have two options “preview” and “install”. Before you install it, you can click the preview button and make sure that have a perfect theme for your website.


Choosing a theme is completely based on your website,
There are few things that you should check before choosing and installing a theme.

  •   Make sure that your theme is highly rated and updated recently.
  •   Check whether your theme is getting proper maintenance.
  •   Make sure the theme you choose is responsive and mobile-ready.
  •   Check your theme’s plugin capability
  •   And finally, check your theme’s browser’s capability

Check all the functionalities of your theme including the look and feel in the preview option itself before installing it.

Step 5:
Hit the install button

After finalizing your theme, now you can click the install button and install the theme. After successfully installed a theme, now you can click the activate button and activate this theme on your website. This will bring back to your home screen where you can customize your theme as you like.

Now, we have successfully downloaded and installed a brand new WordPress theme for your WordPress website.

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