How to Install WordPress

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install wordpress package. This tutorial will explain about how to install wordpress manually using the FTP.

Step 1:

Download WordPress Installation Package

The very first step of installing WordPress package is to download installation files, you can download the latest pack from wordpress.org. Always keep in mind to download the latest stable and updated version of WordPress, go to the official site and then click on Download WordPress.

Once you redirected to download page, click on Download WordPress X.X.X to have a copy in your local system.  Alternatively to download wordpress package in another format(.tar.gz) and then go to the link below the Download WordPress X.X.X button.

Step 2:

Extract and Upload

After Downloading the package, kindly extract it and keep it ready to upload to the web server. Now you are ready to upload the files to the web server, simplest way to upload the installation files is FTP. This can be done by using any FTP client application like FileZilla, CoreFTP, Cyberduck or Others.

To upload the files to the server, you need the following FTP credentials

  • FTP Host
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port(optional)

Using the FTP Credentials connect to the web hosting server and upload the files.

Step 3:

Create and Configure Database

Now you have to create a MySQL database and assign a user with full access to install. To create the database, kindly logon to your hosting account. After you create your MySQL database and assign a user with all required privileges. Ensure that you note down the database credentials in a safe place for future use.

  • Database Name
  • Username and
  • Password

Kindly store the database credentials for the proceeding installation process.

Step 4:

WordPress Installation Process

Now it’s time to start the installation process. After the completion of installation files to the server, kindly navigate to the url in the browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Others.

Setup Language

First step of installation is to choose the default language to setup the site.

After choosing the default language of the site, you will find the instruction page. This instruction page will inform to have the database credentials which you have done on Step 3.  The file wp-config.php as to be created automatically during the installation process. If the file is not created automatically in the hosting due to some reasons you can modify it manually. All the instruction are given clearly in this page, kindly read and note it carefully.

To change the configuration manually, you can open the file wp-config-sample.php from the root file, and edit the database fields, then rename the file to wp-config.php

When you are ready with credentials then click on Let’s go! button

Configure Database Credentials

Now enter the database credentials and then enter the database prefix, in the latest installations database prefix is mandatory.

Upon the successful connection to the database you will be directed to the following page. Where you are now ready to setup a new site, to start the installation process click on Run the install.

Setup Admin Credentials

After the setup of the wordpress, you need to setup the admin credentials for the future use. Please do not have the username as Admin, since its easy for an hacker to get into the system easily.  Create the password as complex as you can, which will give more security to the site.

And you can check the option Privacy to enable the search engine to crawl the site, if you un-check it you are not allowing search engine crawler to access your site.

Congratulations, now you have installed wordpress site, now it is ready to launch the website. Customize the content as per your requirements, you can easily do it with the help of admin.

Successful WordPress Installation

You can now login and view the new wordpress site.

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