How to Install Magento Template

A Magento theme is the design if your website’s web page. A website will have more positive effects when you have an ingenious and well coded Magento Theme. Magento themes usually follow a grace and artistic look based on the purpose of the website.

There are two ways to install Magento theme

  • Install with Magento Connect/Extension key
  • Install Magento Template from Zip file

Install Magento Template with Magento Connect/Extension Key

Magento Connect/Extension is the functionality given by Magento to install the Magento templates, modules or any plugins from Magento market place

Step 1:
Get the Extension Key

To get the extension key, go to Magento classic template page and choose the Magento template which is applicable for your Magento functionalities, you will have to register or login with your existing one and Get the Extension key for the new template.

Step 2:
Login to your Magento Panel

Once you got the Extension key for your new template,
Login to your account using username and password and then go to Magento admin -> System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager and then login to Magento connect with credentials and finally paste the Extension key and click “Install”.

After installing the extension key, you will see this screen and now you know you have successfully installed the theme using Magento extension key.

Install Magento Template from Zip file

Installing from Zip file requires four steps, we are going to see it thoroughly,

Step 1:
Download Magento Theme

To download Magento themes, there are so many premium and free Magento templates available online. Have a look at our collections of Magento Themes to buy online. You can download a theme which you are willing to apply on your website.

Step 2:
Compress the Theme Zip file

Once you have downloaded the theme package which is in compressed zip file. Extract the files and open Theme123 folder (123 is just an example number, it could be any three numbers), where you can find app, skin, js, lib folders and .htaccess and robots files.

Step 3:
Upload theme package file

Then we have upload these files using Magento Control panel, go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager. Enter the admin details and click choose file and select your extracted theme file and click upload.

Step 4:
Activate your Theme

Once the theme file has uploaded, open the Magento store admin panel and Go to System > Design Section.
Click the Add design change button, then in the custom theme field select your newly installed theme and then click save.

Now you have successfully downloaded and uploaded your new Magento template on your Magento website.


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