How to Install a Joomla Template

Joomla templates are mainly the skin of your website. These templates consist of a series of files that defines the outlook of your website.
Installing a Joomla template is not a difficult task, once you find which template is relevant to your website then it is simple to install.
In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to install a Joomla template in a proper step by step guidelines.

Step 1:
Choosing a New Template

The first thing is to find and download a Joomla template as per the requirements of your Joomla website. There are so many websites to get free or premium Joomla templates online. We recommend you to check our beautiful collections of Joomla Templates .



Step 2:
Login to Your Account

Once you select and download the template you like, now it’s time to install your new template. For that first you have login to your Joomla control panel using username and password.



Step 3:
Start the Installation Process

After login to your Joomla administrative area, now you can upload the template you have downloaded. On the top menu click Extensions and select Manage (Extensions -> Manage > Install)



Step 4: 
Upload the template file

When installing templates, plugins, modules, components or anything in Joomla, you do it from through extensions installer. In this screen, you can see three options, there click “Upload Package file”.



Step 5:
Upload and Install

After selecting Upload package file, select “Choose file” and choose the Joomla template that you have downloaded and click “Upload and Install” button to add the template.


Step 6: 
Change this template into default Joomla Template

Once the template is installed successfully, now you have to make this template as default for your entire website. Go to Extensions >> Templates >> Styles and select your template, click the default star button next to it.

Now, you have downloaded, installed and changed the appearance of your website by Joomla template. This is very simple and easy process. After installing the template, you can start customizing the pages. Also, get your required extensions, components, modules and so on.

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