How to Install Joomla

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to install joomla package. This tutorial will explain about how to install joomla manually using the FTP.

Step 1:

Download Joomla Installation Package

To install Joomla on your server, the first step is to download the Joomla installation Package from the official website joomla.org.  It is always safe to download the package from official website. Click here to go the official website to download the latest package.


Step 2:

Extract and Upload

After Downloading the package, kindly extract it and keep it ready to upload to the web server. Now you are ready to upload the files to the web server, simplest way to upload the installation files is FTP. This can be done by using any FTP client application like FileZilla, CoreFTP, Cyberduck or Others.

To upload the files to the server, you need the following FTP credentials

  • FTP Host
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port(optional)

Using the FTP Credentials connect to the web hosting server and upload the files.

Step 3:

Create and Configure Database

Now you have to create a MySQL database and assign a user with full access to install. To create the database, kindly logon to your hosting account. After you create your MySQL database and assign a user with all required privileges. Ensure that you note down the database credentials in a safe place for future use.

  • Database Name
  • Username and
  • Password

Kindly store the database credentials for the proceeding installation process.

Step 4:

Joomla Installation Process

In Step you have uploaded the installation files already in your server, once you do that you have taken to the screen where you add the mandatory information such as Site name, Description, Admin Email, Admin Username, Admin Password and site offline and then click next button.



Now the database configuration page will open, enter the MySql database details. After entering necessary details now click Next.


Now you will be progressed to the last page, here you can choose if you want any sample data installed on your server. For beginners, we recommend you to select default sample data. Note that you can delete this sample data anytime.



Finally hit the Install  button and you will be forwarded to the Joomla web Installer.


Joomla Installation Finalization


Now you have to click Remove Installation folder for security purpose so no one can install again on existing one.

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