How to Install WordPress

Step 1:
Download WordPress Installation Package

The very first step of installing WordPress package is to download WordPress, always keep in mind to download the latest stable and updated version of WordPress.
Select the best version of WordPress and click download button, once you click the installation package will be saved in your system.  Now extract the file into a new folder.

Step 2:
Upload the WordPress file in your server

Now you have to upload the extracted files to your server. The simplest way to install WordPress is via FTP. This can be done by a client application like FileZilla or control panel(panel) > File Manager > Upload files. If you want to this WordPress to be the main of your website, then you have to extract the files to your Public_html folder.

Step 3:
Create a MySQL Database for WordPress to Use

Now you have to create a MySQL database and assign a user with full access. Once you create your MySQL database and assign a user, ensure that you note down the database name, username and password that you have just created because you will need it for the installation process in the future.

Step 4:
Installation Process

Now it’s time to start the installation process, if you have uploaded the WordPress in your public_html, then you will have to your go to your domain(http://domain.com) in your browser. It will show you a message that you don’t have a wp-config.php file, you can create it by clicking Create a Configuration File button to proceed.

And then you will see a page which asks you to prepare the necessary information, since we got it all you can click let’s go.

Now enter all the details and click Submit button and then WordPress will check your information and then show you the confirmation page, now click Run the Install.

And you will have to enter your administrative username, password and title of your website and then click Install WordPress button.

That’s it, Now you have got your WordPress application installed.

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