How to Install OpenCart

Step 1:
Download Open Cart Installation Files
To install the Open cart in your server, you have to download the OpenCart Installation files from the official website.

Step 2:
Extracting the Installation files

Now, extract the compressed downloaded files. Next, you have to transfer the extracted files to your host directory.
There are many different tools you can use to transfer these files to host directories such as FTP clients or host’s integrated file manager. In this tutorial, we are going to see how you could transfer using FTP client FileZilla.
Once you get access to the hosting account directory, you will need to find the exact path where the app to be installed (ex: /public_html/opencart.abc.net)

Step 3:
Preparing database:

Like any other installation process, now you have to create a MySQL database for installation. Make sure that you don’t use any special characters for the password since OpenCart won’t support.
• Find MySQL database connection

• Now create new database with username, password and database name and also assign a user with full privileges.

Installation Process

Enter the uploaded installation files URL in your browser, you will get the following page.

Click continue until you get the 3rd page. Once you are on page 3, you need to enter the MySQL which you have created before.

After you enter the details and click continue, you will get the installation confirmation page.

Now the process is complete, you have successfully installed the open cart. For security purpose now you have to delete install sub folder since you don’t want someone one to install on the existing one

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